Hungarian government suspends some aspects of GDPR


Under the country's emergency laws, on May 4 the Hungarian government announced it would suspend parts of GDPR and exempted authorities from key provisions such as subject access rights, the right to request erasures, and providing notice that personal information is being collected and stored as long as the data is being collected under the rubric of coronavirus-related health protection.

The changes will remain in place until the government declares the end of the emergency. Opposition politician Bernadett Szél said she would apply to the Hungarian Constitutional Court. In mid-March, the Hungarian Supervisory Authority issued guidance for data protection and COVID-19 that warned controller processing data in the emergency must comply with both GDPR and the country's own data protection law, particularly the clauses surrounding accountability.


Writer: Caleb Chen

Publication: Privacy News Online


Writer: Vlagyiszlav Makszimov

Publication: Euractiv


Writer: Dan Cooper and Dora Pap

Publication: Inside Privacy