Faculty wins £400,000 UK government contract to analyse social media data


The AI firm Faculty, which worked on the Vote Leave campaign, was given a £400,000 UK government contract to analyse social media data, utility bills, and credit ratings, as well as government data, to help in the fight against the coronavirus. This is at least the ninth contract awarded to Faculty since 2018, for a total of at least £1.6 million. No other firm was asked to bid on the contract, as normal public bodies’ requirements for competitive procurement have been waived in the interests of speed in the pandemic response. Faculty’s shareholders include Lord Agnew, the Cabinet Office minister who oversees the Government Digital Service.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/jun/02/ai-firm-that-worked-with-vote-leave-wins-new-coronavirus-contract
Writer: David Pegg and Rob Evans
Publication: Guardian