Pangea seeks first customer for immunity passport


The Israeli digital ID card creator Pangea EVP has developed an immunity passport intended to give individuals access to public spaces, including airports. The passport will include a photo of the holder, a digital signature, a hologram, and a chip. When they want to fly, holders will insert flight and medical details into a web portal; the system will then advise the health protocol they need to follow. If they test negative for COVID-19, the laboratory will issue a smart card that incorporates the medical information and that the passenger scans at the airport. The company said it was in discussions with Israel, the US, and South Africa to find its first customer. In the longer term, the company intends to turn the card into a medical passport that can store all medical history and information, though the information will be available selectively to specific health practitioners.
Writer: Ilaria Grasso Macola
Publication: Airport Technology