Health passports begin shipping to 15 countries


The Manchester-based cybersecurity company VST Enterprises is working a digital health company Circle Pass Enterprises to create the “Covi-pass” digital health passport intended to allow holders to work and travel safely. The Covi-pass uses a colour system of red, green, and amber to indicate whether the holder has tested positive or negative for the coronavirus, and holds other key information such as name, address, and age, plus a biometric. Despite the challenge of sourcing enough coronavirus tests, the companies believe the technology could be crucial to removing lockdown restrictions and will be more effective than Bluetooth-based contact tracing apps. CPE expected to begin shipping the first passports in mid-May to 15 countries including Italy, Portugal, France, India, Panama, the US, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, UAE, Netherlands, and South Africa.
Writer: Ellen Daniel
Publication: Verdict