Canary Islands pilots digital health passport project


The Canary Islands sought to become the first destination for a coronavirus-free flight as part of a digital health passport pilot project backed by the World Health Organisation. Via the Hi+Card secure health mobile app that certifies they do not have COVID-19, each passenger will have a unique digital profile on their phone that will hold health information uploaded by a health entity that has been accredited by the Health Ministry. The move will make the archipelago a worldwide laboratory for testing redesigned tourism safety procedures. The first flight is expected to take place in July.
Writer: Cathy Elelman
Publication: Euroweekly News

Update June 5

UN-backed Spanish companies create blockchain-enhanced immunity passport

The UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) is backing the Health iCard App (Hi+ Card) immunity passport, which was created by the Madrid-based private company Tourism Data Driven Solutions in association with the Spanish government-backed Air Institute, which specialises in computer science and artificial intelligence. The app will use blockchain protocols to ensure that users can’t create false profiles or manipulate their medical records. The Hi+ Card, which the companies say complies with GDPR, was in progress before the pandemic began and was speeded up as lockdowns took hold across Europe. A Canary Islands flight testing the Hi+Card is scheduled for July.
Writer: Carlton Reid
Publication: Forbes