Pangea develops biometric medical smart card to help airports reopen


The Israeli smart digital ID card and border control software company Pangea hopes its new biometric smart card could help airports reopen. The company claims governments, many of which are working on defining the medical tests and processes required for eligibility, can use the card to verify that the holder is virus-free or has immunity. The card incorporates a photo, digital signature, chip, hologram, and up-to-date encrypted data on the holder’s COVID-19 profile, and can be securely linked to a country’s medical database. The process of issuing the card would require oversight by each country’s health ministry in cooperation with local health providers, hospitals, tourism ministries, airports, airlines, and insurance companies. Pangea hopes that in time the card will become a complete medical passport that will include all the holder’s medical information and make it accessible to any health provider where relevant.
Writer: Shoshanna Solomon
Publication: The Times of Israel

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