[UK] MP says Channel migrants should be quarantined on cruise ships


All migrants arriving in the UK since June have been ordered to quarantine, but a Border Force source said that little is being done to ensure the rules are followed and some in emergency accommodation are being given vouchers to go to the shops.

Thousands of British tourists returning from France are now being forced to self-isolate for 14 days whilst those it is understood that some of those crossing the Channel on small boats migrants are still going shopping for food.

The Home Office has said there is "no truth" in the claims that quarantine is being evaded and insisted that every migrant who has entered the country since June is being housed in their own room and brought food and essentials. However, the claims were contradicted by MPs and campaigners as sources said that there was too many for the system to cope with.

Migrants should be held in quarantine on army bases or cruise ships to ensure they are subject to the same strict rules as tourists, it has been said.

Source: Telegraph

Writer: Hayley Dixon

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