VSTE health passports aiming to help major sports reopen stadiums


Manchester-based VST Enterprises is developing a rapid COVID-19 testing kit intended to help restart stadium sporting events. The results of tests, which fans will take the day before the event they wish to attend and provide results within ten minutes, will be stored in VSTE’s V-Health Passport, a secure mobile phone app into which users enter their name, address, date of birth, phone number, and doctor information, plus a scanned official identity document against which the smartphone can match the person’s face in a “likeness test”. The passport will show a colour code of green (tested negative), red (tested positive), or amber (countdown to next required test). After taking the coronavirus test, the fan is advised to return hom and self-isolate until the match. Those who test positive can send their passport details to the NHS Test and Trace programme. Plans for pilot programmes covering football, rugby, and snooker have been submitted to the UK’s Department for Culture, Media, and Sport and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Writer: Leila Hawkins
Publication: Healthcare Global
Publication date: 2020-08-10

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