AI companies repurpose their software for workplace social distancing monitoring


A growing number of companies - for example, San Mateo start-up Camio and AI startup Actuate, which uses machine learning to identify objects and events in surveillance footage - are repositioning themselves as providers of AI software that can track workplace compliance with covid safety rules such as social distancing and wearing masks. Amazon developed its own social distancing tracking technology for internal use in its warehouses and other buildings, and is offering it as a free tool to other companies. Camio adapted existing software designed to detect unauthorised building access by tailgating; a dashboard enables searches such as all instances of people who are too close without wearing masks. The technology is also being tried out in apartment buildings and universities. Typically, these companies are not working with public health officials to decide what safety standards to follow, though they claim to follow US CDC guidelines.


Writer: Rachel Metz
Publication: CNN
Publication date: 2020-07-28

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