US sports trial facial recognition admissions systems


Professional sports teams are considering adopting facial recognition admissions systems to make stadiums as touchless for fans as possible as part of efforts to provide a safe environment during the pandemic. Both the Los Angeles Football Club and the New York Mets are trying the Clear app, made by Alclear, and Major League Baseball is considering it. At the LAFC, fans will use the app to take and upload a selfie to their accounts and link it to their Ticketmaster profiles; on entry to the stadium one camera will measure the fan’s temperature, and another will check for a mask, which the fan will pull down to allow the camera to match their face and admit them if they have a ticket. The Mets instead to use the app to authenticate players and staff and take their temperature as they enter the stadium.


Writer: Jacob Knutson
Publication: Axios
Publication date: 2020-08-01

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