"For Sale: The American Voter."


Article extract:

"One of the nation's largest commercial distributors of voter data sold voter-registration lists featuring detailed personal information without verifying the identity or intent of buyers.

Aristotle International used a website to sell the lists, which contain details about registered voters from nearly every state. The data includes birth dates, home addresses, phone numbers, race, income levels, ethnic backgrounds and, in some cases, religious affiliations.

Although voter-registration data is a matter of public record, 22 states have laws restricting the purchase or use of voter lists. Yet Aristotle, based in Washington, D.C., sold lists online to anyone who wanted to buy them."

Link: https://www.wired.com/2003/12/for-sale-the-american-voter/
Author: Kim Zetter
Publication: Wired
Publication date: 12 December 2003