"THE 2000 CAMPAIGN: THE INTERNET; Voter Profiles Selling Briskly As Privacy Issues Are Raised."


Article extract:

"At the end of an alley on a nondescript street, a political consulting firm with the unusual name of Aristotle International has compiled the nation's largest voter databank, the names of 150 million Americans registered to vote. And it is selling them to politicians like George W. Bush, Joseph I. Lieberman and John McCain in ways that many fear removes too much privacy from the voting booth..."

"...Of particular concern this election season, when electronic privacy has become a significant issue, is Aristotle's ability to help transmit 'pop-up' campaign advertisements to specific voters using the Internet.

'They are one of the first companies to fully exploit the use of technology in the political system,' said William Dal Col, a Republican strategist and manager of the New York Senate campaign of Rick A. Lazio, who is not an Aristotle client. 'They found a niche and exploited it dramatically. They built a database and made it readily accessible. And they market, market, market it'..."

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2000/09/09/us/2000-campaign-internet-voter-profiles-selling-briskly-privacy-issues-are-raised.html
Author: Leslie Wayne
Publication: New York Times
Publication date: 9 September 2000