Myanmar’s Covid-19 Economic Recovery Plan (CERP) relies on civil society data sources


Myanmar’s Covid-19 Economic Recovery Plan (CERP) includes more than 50 measures over a 15-page document. With only two items being assigned a specific budget, the Economic Recovery Plan appears largely aspirational.

Beneficiaries and relevant areas to target are picked from data from township officials, recent surveys, the 2014 census, civil society organisations and local news sources. The Union government stated they have released a list of 16 criteria used to target transfers. At the time of writing, it does not appear that these criteria have been published. Similarly, there is no mention of what categories of personal data are being processed, or how they are being used.

There have additionally been reports of inaccurate targeting of transfers. Many eligible households reported not receiving cash payments, while many stable households received cash payments when they likely weren’t eligible.

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