Dutch court rules Uber and Ola Cabs drivers are employees


In two cases brought by Worker Info Exchange and the App Drivers and Couriers Union on behalf of drivers, the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam has upheld a 2021 ruling in a lower court that under the GDPR Uber and Ola Cabs must disclose the personal information and profiling that the companies use to create "fraud probability scores" and "earnings profiles" to workers. These scores and profiles are in turn used in automated decision making to allocate work and pay rates. The court rejected the platforms' argument that disclosing information about fraud allegations against workers would undermine the platforms' security and expose trade secrets. However, the UK's proposed Data Protection and Digital Information bill is likely to strip workers of the kinds of protections the court upheld in the Dutch case.



Publication: WIE

Publication date: 2023-04-04; 2021-03-15