Health Certificates

10 Aug 2020
Manchester-based VST Enterprises is developing a rapid COVID-19 testing kit intended to help restart stadium sporting events. The results of tests, which fans will take the day before the event they wish to attend and provide results within ten minutes, will be stored in VSTE’s V-Health Passport, a
10 Jul 2020
Hundreds of trucks carrying goods and humanitarian aid from Cameroon’s Douala sea port to Central African Republic are stranded at the border because testing kits are in short supply; under an agreement, Cameroon drivers who test negative are supposed to be granted access. Results of tests completed
18 Jul 2020
Several people have been arrested in Bangladesh for issuing bogus documentation to people who have not been tested for the coronavirus showing they are not infected. Such documents are required for migrant workers, who need to show that they are virus-free when they arrive at their overseas