26 Aug 2021
Despite having opened their borders to and taking in millions of fleeing Venezuelan migrants, the Colombian government’s handling process for this population tells a story of discrimination rather than inclusion. The 2021 issuance of the Temporary Statute for Venezuelan Migrants came with a legal
22 Feb 2022
In December 2019, a Brazilian public security programme, called the Integrated Border Operations Center (CIOF) was presented. The CIOF aims to combat transnational organised crime in the region of Foz do Iguaçu and the Triple Border Area1, shared by Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguy, and integrate
01 Jul 2020
A vulnerability in the Bono Familiar Universal, the platform used to distribute the financial subsidy provided to households in precarious economic situation by the Peruvian government in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, enabled the subsidy to be accessed by malicious individuals. The
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In this article we provide background on the initial challenge of the Huduma Namba and subsequent developments which led to an important ruling of the High Court of Kenya on the retrospective effect of the Data Protection Act as we reflect on its wider implications for the governance and regulation of digital ID systems.


Tens of thousands of Kenyan citizens are stuck in legal limbo, unable to obtain national IDs because their fingerprints are captured in refugee databases. Their dilemma highlights the pitfalls of humanitarian biometrics.

02 Mar 2021
On 2 March 2021, the Ministry of Health of Uganda unveiled its plan to immunize millions against COVID-19 starting on 10 March 2021. The statement made by the Ministry of Health noted that "All persons eligible for vaccination will be required to provide a National Identification Card in the case of
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Hablamos con representantes de organizaciones transgénero en Argentina, Francia y en Filipinas para entender cómo los sistemas de identificación están impactando sus vidas, y los marcos legales que les están ayudando.

26 May 2020
NHS Digital has added facial recognition to its app, which allows people to order prescriptions, book appointments, and find health care data, in hopes it will also be usable as an "immunity passport" once at-home testing becomes available. The NHS facial recognition system was built by iProov, and
05 Jun 2020
Estonia has begun testing its Immuunsuspass app, which was developed for the Back to Work NGO by the Estonian technology firms Transferwise and Guardtime working with health specialists. The app, which is intended to help schools and employers make decisions, will have to pass scientific consensus
06 May 2020
In Colombia, Peru, and Panama, quarantine regulations assign men and women different days to go out. For transgender people, these gender-based restrictions mean discrimination and violence for law enforcement and others, leading to numerous complaints. In Bogota, where law enforcement has been
29 Apr 2020
In February, before the pandemic was declared, the Myanmar Post and Telecommunications Department set a deadline of April 30 for citizens to register their mobile phone SIMs, a move the PTD said was necessary to enhance the security of electronic transactions and cut down crime. The PTD issued an
10 Apr 2020
NHS England is using Yoti's digital ID card solution to verify health care workers' identity; the cards are added to staff phones, enbaling them to use a contactless ID app to prove their identity both online and offline. Yoti is providing the system for free for three months to all public health
02 Apr 2020
In Haiti, the National Identification Office has been extremely crowded, despite the government requirement to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people. The cards, which include a photo, name, date of birth, and registry number, are required for bank transactions and other official purposes. Source
12 Apr 2020
Ghana's opposition party, the National Democratic Congress, has blamed a spike in cases of COVID-19 on the National Identification Authority's refusal to suspend its registration efforts in the country's Eastern Region even though two citizens filed for a court injunction to halt the operation and
27 Mar 2020
An Accra High Court has ruled that the National Identification Authority can continue registering Ghanaians after two citizens filed a case arguing that continued registration violates the social distancing directive issued by president Akufo-Addo. However, a different division of the High Court
31 Mar 2020
To help the UK's Department for Work and Pensions handle the more than half a million applications the department received in the last two weeks of March, the identity verification company Nomidio, a subsidiary of Post-Quantum, is offering its service free of charge. The service would enable a