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In this guide we take a look at profile settings, namely with whom you share your personal information. This information includes your e-mail, phone number, birthday, hometown, family relationships, workplace and more.

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26th April 2021
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If you are accessing Facebook through your browser, go to your profile and then select About. You will see a summary of the information you have provided to Facebook under Overview.

Facebook profile info

Then, if you go through the remaining fields you can change who you want to be able to see them. For your birthday, the settings are split between day/month and year, so that your friends can wish you a happy birthday without necessarily knowing your age. Your hometown is important information about you, so we recommend you leave it empty or remove it.

To change the settings, click on the padlock icon appearing next to each field.

Facebook profile visibility
Facebook profile visibility settings


If you are using the Facebook App, go to your profile and select Edit Public Details. Then spend your time going through each field. We used Education as an example, but all the rest work exactly the same

Who can see your personal information - iOS
Who can see your personal information - iOS


Who can see your personal information - iOS

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