Financial and Annual Reporting

Privacy International is a registered charity in England & Wales (no. 1147471). We raise money to fund our work to support our charitable purposes across the world, including to support our staff, projects and our partner organisations in the Global South.

Sources of funding

We're working hard to ensure that PI's work is independent, cutting-edge and can be sustained for years to come. As a result, PI's work is funded by a variety of different sources.

We are very fortunate to receive funding from members of the public. Individual donations are hugely important to us, and we are extremely grateful for the trust and confidence that the public places in us and our work.

We receive grants from charitable trusts, foundations, and international development agencies. 

We are very grateful to the following organisations for their support: the Ford Foundation, International Development Research Centre, Luminate, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. We have been previously supported by the Adessium Foundation, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Media Democracy Fund, Mozilla Foundation, Sigrid Rausing Trust, and the Street Foundation. 

We do not accept funding from corporations because we believe that it would jeopardise the independence of our activities.

How we manage funds

PI seeks to continuously strengthen our financial management systems. We work hard to ensure that PI is accountable to the public, our partners, and our funders.

All expenditure is carried out with reference to Privacy International’s multi-year strategic plan and annual workplan, as approved by the Board prior to the start of each financial year. Financial procedures have been developed to monitor and evaluate the charity’s finances. This includes quarterly management accounts, which are prepared for review by Trustees, prior to each meeting of the Board.

The Board of Trustees has established a Finance and Audit Committee to advise the Board. The Committee oversees finance and audit functions, recommends finance policy to the Board, and ensures that existing finance policy is implemented. The audit function of this committee is to consider the adequacy of risk management, internal controls and governance. 

Below are our annual reports. You can also see them on the Charity Commission website.