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Where We Work

We fight for the right to privacy of everyone everywhere. People must have access to privacy protection without regard to citizenship, race and ethnicity, economic status, gender, age, education. 

For over twenty years, PI has advocated for people everywhere to have full protection of the strongest laws and technologies.

We are building a global movement. We are supporting civil society partners in countries across the Global South, who constitute our international network of privacy advocates and researchers. Together we are building expertise on law and technology that investigates local developments and advocates for change. 

Just as state power and markets are reaching across borders, so must we. We are uncovering abuses by government agencies and we identifying capabilities and the companies that enable them. As innovative abuses of privacy are now emerging across the world, we are leading research on ground-breaking developments. On top of our international network in the Global South, we are working with other groups in Europe and North America to campaign and litigate against governments who lead the race to the bottom and industries who build capabilities that undermine us.

We take the fight to international forums. We advocate for strong standards at regional and international regulatory and human rights bodies such as the Inter-American and African systems, Council of Europe, the European Parliament and the United Nations. Vulnerable people are made more vulnerable by having their privacy interfered with and in some cases violated, which is why we call for protections in the humanitarian sector. 

One of Privacy International's primary modes of engagement is through the Privacy International Network that we have been leading since 2008. Together we use our emergent expertise and research to generate educational material, advocacy campaigns, and strategies that will support the development and sustainability of a global movement. Find out more here.