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Privacy shouldn't be a luxury

Buying a brand new cheap phone will leave you with an OS with vulnerabilities left unpatched for years, and apps that share your personal data.

Empowering people with advertising transparency

PI is campaigning for 1) platforms to give all users heightened ad transparency and 2) for transparency into targeting and funding of ads to be meaningful.

Challenging the Drivers of Surveillance

Powerful countries encourage and enable other governments to deploy advanced surveillance capabilities without adequate safeguards.

    Protecting migrants at borders and beyond

    The use of data and new technologies are driving a revolution in immigration enforcement, and affected people are going to be at greater risk.

      Our data is not for trade

      Trade, and the people who negotiate trade agreements, fundamentally misunderstand data, privacy and data protection.

      No Body’s Business But Mine

      People all over the world share with menstruation apps their deeply intimate data - the date of their last periods, dates and details pertaining to their sex lives, their moods, their health. This data is being ruthlessly exploited and shared with third parties to target and profile people. 

      When Big Brother Pays Your Benefits

      Rising concerns around austerity, transparency, efficiency and financial management have fed into a narrative of technology as a magic cure-all to socio-economic and political issues.

      Security should protect people, not exploit them

      We want a world which is safer for everyone, and at the heart of this is technologies which are secure by default.


      When Social Media makes you a target

      Governments are profiling people using their social media data -- effectively weaponising the devices and the platforms we use everyday.

      Scrutinising the global counter-terrorism agenda

      Increasingly counter-terrorism strategies and policies are decided at the international level, most notably by the UN Security Council, and are used to erode human rights, with no accountability.