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Best Before Date for our devices

Demanding device sustainability through long-term software support and transparency from manufacturers.

Stop Spying on Asylum Seekers!

This was a campaign to take action with us and write to Priti Patel, the UK Home Secretary, to demand that the Home Office stops spying on asylum seekers through their 'Aspen Card' debit payment card. The campaign is now closed.

Being the target

Human rights defenders are continuously at risk of violence, intimidation and surveillance as a direct consequence of the work they do, with women or those opposing large corporations bearing the brunt of these forms of repression.

Privacy International spoke to four activists based in Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa to learn more about their understanding and experiences of surveillance. Their testimonies illustrate how the promises that came with innovation and the use of new technologies have not been enjoyed by all equally, and how some groups in society - such as human rights defenders - have experienced the impact of surveillance and the exploitation of data by governments and companies more severely than others.

Below is an outline of the main issues that these four activists brought to our attention which reflect the concerns raised previously by other organisations and HRDs across the world.

UK Law Enforcement Data Service (LEDS): the new police mega-database

The Home Office is currently developing a UK-wide police 'super-database' containing a vast amount of data, which mixes both evidential and intelligence material. Here is why PI is concerned about LEDS and what we are doing about it.

Unmasking Policing, Inc.

Governments are secretly collaborating with private companies. Here is why PI is concerned about surveillance outsourcing, and why together we urgently must expose them.

Advertisers on Facebook: who the heck are you and how did you get my data?

Investigating brands using Facebook for advertising, exposing how difficult it is to understand how our data's used and demanding Facebook make it easier to exercise our rights

The Google/Fitbit merger - NOT ON OUR WATCH!

Google wants to know everything about you. It already holds a massive trove of data about you, but it now also wants to get its hands on your health data too. We don’t think any company should be allowed to accumulate this much intimate information about us. This is why we’re trying to stop its merger with Fitbit and saying ’NOT ON OUR WATCH’!

When Local Authorities aren’t your Friends

UK local authorities (Councils) are looking at people’s social media accounts, such as Facebook, as part of their intelligence gathering and investigation tactics in areas such as council tax payments, children’s services, benefits and monitoring protests and demonstrations.

In some cases, local authorities will go so far as to use such information to make accusations of fraud and withhold urgently needed support from families who are living in extreme poverty.

Fighting the Global Covid-19 Power-Grab

In the rush to respond to Covid-19 and its aftermath, government and companies are exploiting data with few safeguards. PI is acting to ensure that this crisis isn't abused.

Privacy shouldn't be a luxury

Buying a brand new low-cost phone can leave you with an outdated operating system and exploitative apps.