Fight Government Hacking Powers

Bringing transparency to government hacking and challenging its use through research, policy advocacy, and litigation.

Privacy International is challenging government hacking for surveillance by:

  • Bringing greater transparency to government use of hacking as a form of surveillance. We are pushing governments for disclosure, through litigation challenging government hacking, Freedom of Information requests, and by pressuring oversight bodies and political representatives for information.
  • Raising awareness about the privacy and security risks of government hacking for surveillance. We are publishing videos, explainers and analyses to explain these risks from a human rights and technical perspective. We are also developing a set of recommendations, which articulate how the international human rights framework and security considerations should apply to government hacking.
  • Working to restrain government hacking as a form of surveillance. We are directly challenging government hacking in court, one of the first cases of its kind in the world. We also intervene in cases addressing government hacking. We conduct legislative and policy advocacy, analysing legal regimes authorising government hacking against the safeguards and oversight measures in our recommendations.