Evading facial recognition

This week we’re talking to Andreea Belu - Campaigns and Communications Manager at EDRi - about evading facial recognition. We talk about our European Citizen's Iniative to ban facial recognition and how hard it is to guarantee that tools built to allow people to evade facial recognition will actually work. 



- You can find out more about the ECI here: pvcy.org/banbiometrics (If you're a European Citizen you can even sign it!)

- You can find EDRi's masks (and their masks for MEP programme) here: https://edri.org/take-action/donate-mask/ and you can find out more about the project here: https://edri.org/our-work/can-a-covid-19-face-mask-protect-you-from-facial-recognition-technology-too/

- You can take the Paper Bag Society challenge on mosts social media platforms - check out the #PaperBagSociety hashtag to find out more

- Watch this space (or sign up for our email at https://action.privacyinternational.org/) to find out more about how you can get a mask from PI

- The podcast survey is here: pvcy.org/tpsurvey

- You can find our Spotter's Guide to Facial Recognition here: https://privacyinternational.org/video/4489/spotters-guide-facial-recognition

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