Ask advertisers why they have your data!

Some advertisers upload our personal data to target us on Facebook. Find the ones doing this for you and hold them into account!

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You might have read our investigation into advertisers who upload your data on Facebook and found out some companies doing the same to you. Well, you can join us and hold them accountable by sending your own Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)!

Before you get started we suggest you read our FAQ and take a look at our 7+1 tips to make the most out of your DSAR before and after.

To do so you simply need to copy the message bellow and send it to the companies that uploaded your data despite the fact that you've never heard of them


This is a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) under Article 15 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Please forward to your data protection/legal team as soon as possible and reply to me within the statutory deadline of one month.

According to Facebook, you have uploaded personal data to target me with advertisements on their platform. Please provide me with a copy of all the personal data you have on me, together with the necessary accompanying information, including how you acquired my data, as well as what data you have shared and with which recipients.

I am submitting this access request following an investigation carried out by Privacy International. You can read more here:

Thank you.

You have various options for sending this DSAR: you can send it to the Facebook advertiser via Messenger, or directly via the email they provide in their privacy notice.

Some companies might have a FB page. You can also submit your DSAR by leaving the text above as a comment to any of their posts. However, please note that in case you decide to submit your DSAR as a comment, it might still be visible publicly or to other members of the group. Therefore, you might also wish to add the following bit in your request, just in case:

If you require any further information or if you wish to respond to my request, please do so privately on this platform. Do not share any of the requested information publicly.