Aerial data shows extensive US deployment of National Guard during BLM protests


New data emerged in January 2021 to show that the National Guard deployment of more than 43,350 troops during the nationwide demonstrations following the killing of George Floyd was far more extensive than had been realised, and far greater than the 6,200 troops deployed at the Capitol during the forewarned insurrection. At least 20 military surveillance and reconnaissance helicopters flew over protests in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Washington DC, raising concerns about the data the helicopters collected  and how it will be used by the law enforcement agencies that request it. The 2020 protests mark a change in the civilian-military relationship. In at least one case, in Washington DC, the helicopters flew so low they became a form of intimidation. Elected officials attempting to gain more information about the private data that has been collected and the extent of the surveillance have received little feedback.

Writer: April Glaser

Publication: NBC News

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