How to minimise targeted ads on social media: Instagram (which is owned by Facebook)

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11th November 2021
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See the below screenshots to learn how to reduce targeted ads on Instagram.

Generally though, it’s tough to minimise targeted ads on phones because ads can be delivered based on data from the device level (such as what operating system your phone is using or based on unique numbers that identify your phone), browser level (what you search for within a browser), and within the apps you use. An app could target ads at you based on your location (tied to your unique device id number(s)) for example. Apps, including Instagram, direct you to opt-out of targeted ads at the device level.

Here's how to bulk opt-out of tracking on iOS.

Here's how to bulk opt-out of tracking on Android.


How to minimise targeted ads via the Instagram app:

1. Navigate to Settings. Scroll down and click on ads.

2. Click on "Data about your activity from partners"

3. Toggle the button next to "Use data from partners" to grey.

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