We’ve used the DIE to research everything from low cost phones, to menstruation apps, and now we’re making it available so that you can do your own research on how your devices use your data.

You can download the DIE on our GitHub where you can also find documentation for how to use it. Below you can also find a video how to, which goes through how to set up the DIE and how to get started analysing apps, and a written how to.

PI has made this tool available to assist individuals, researchers and organisations in developing a technical understanding of how their own data is being captured, processed and transferred by applications to 3rd parties. It should only be used to analyse data on a device, virtual copy of a device, or an app, which the user owns or is legally authorised to use.

PI is a charity registered in England and Wales. We have developed our Data Interception Environment tool in accordance with the laws, regulations and standards that apply to us in England and Wales. Any individual, researcher or organisation who makes use of of PI’s Data Interception Environemnt is responsible for ensuring that they are acting lawfully and in accordance with the laws, regulations and standards which apply to them in the jurisdiction they are operating in or to which they are subject.