Privacy shouldn't be a luxury

Buying a brand new low-cost phone can leave you with an outdated operating system and exploitative apps.

Hand holding a phone with text saying: "We're selling this phoe below cost" with an asterix explaining that it's because it sells your personal data

When you buy a brand new lower cost phone (like a Tecno Y2 or MYA 2 for example), it's likely to come pre-installed with insecure apps and an outdated operating system. What this means is that your or your loved ones could be left vulnerable to security risks or to having their data exploited.

While buying the most recent iPhone can give you a secure operating system and reliable encryption, buying a brand new lower cost phone may leave you facing an array of security risks.

We don't think privacy should be a luxury. That's why we advocate for companies to provide the latest security features and privacy protections for low cost phones, as well as high cost phones.