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Companies selling diet programmes are using tests to lure users. Those tests encourage users to share sensitive personal data, including about their mental health. But what happens to the data? We investigated to find out.

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If you’re in the UK you may know Bounty as the company that distribute packs of samples to pregnant women at midwife appointments. They’re also the ones that were found to have illegally shared the data of over 14 million mums & babies with 39 companies.

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The UK data protection regulator took action against three credit reference agencies. Here we explain why it's important and what's next.

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In a landmark decision that shines a light on widespread data protecton failings by the entire data broker industry, the ICO has today taken enforcement action against Experian, based in part on a complaint PI made in 2018.


These recommendations identify actions for governments, regulators, legislators, political parties and companies to help prevent data exploitation in political campaigning.


Immediately after the UK general election in December 2019, we worked with ORG to poll people about ‘data-driven political campaigning’. We found that most people oppose the use of targeted ads during elections, and oppose election spending when the source of funding is unknown.


Here are a few suggested tips, based on our own experience with Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). This is based on DSARs under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but we hope our tips may be useful in other jurisdictions too.

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Join us on a journey to try to solve the mystery behind the advertisers who have uploaded our personal data to Facebook but with whom we've never interacted with before.


A PI investigation into advertisers we had never heard of who upload our personal data on Facebook to target us.

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There is now an ecosystem that drives voter profiling and targeted messages, often known as micro-targeting, that accompany modern political campaigning globally. The targeted ad-supported internet is made up of thousands of companies that track and profile us all 24 hours a day- not just during election time.

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Everyone has the right to think and say what they like and no one should forbid it.


A short video as we launch our campaign against data brokers.